Anger at boats anchoring overnight

Local “ditch crawler” Nick Ardley has expressed anger at the two dozen boats anchored overnight in Stangate Creek at the bank holiday weekend and has written to Kelly Tolhurst, the Shipping Minister and MSBA Patron. He points out that the current law is clear that we must all return to our homes overnight and not stay in caravans, second home or boats. He concedes that, while being in a boat is a perfect way to self isolate, the law is clear. The RYA has published a guide to help us understand how it applies to boating:

11 thoughts on “Anger at boats anchoring overnight

  1. I would love to stay overnight in a secluded anchorage but I grit my teeth and obey the guidelines but it is hard to obey when others flout the law.

  2. The skipper might have been “Cumming” checking his eyesight on his way back from a marina near Barnard Castle. ?

  3. I’ve just checked whether it’s law or just guidance. From 1 June, Regulation 6, which previously restricted leaving the home, now applies to overnight stays only, reading: “No person may, without reasonable excuse, stay overnight at any place other than the place where they are living.” So it’s the law, albeit unreasonable.

  4. The law says “the place you sre living” it does not say your permanent residential addrss. This weekend I am living on board.

  5. Were any boat names gathered as it would be nice to name and shame these people who are putting others at risk during these uncertain times .

    • Nick only mentioned a dozen but I understand that 24 boats showed up as anchored on AIS. There may have been more of course with no AIS or with it turned off.

    • Given that day sailing is permitted, I’d be interested to know how you think an overnight stay puts others at risk. Given also that incidents are likely to occur underway and not while sleeping when pressure on the emergency services is likely to be less.

  6. Guidelines or Law? The Government say nothing specific about boats. That said let’s stick to the spirit of the thing and ask, how when day sailing is permitted, is an overnight stay putting lives at risk. A breakdown or similar incident is likely underway on a bank holiday not while sleeping on a normal Wednesday night when the emergency services are likely to be less stressed.
    Apparently we can’t overnight stay because of an interpretation by certain organisations like the RYA curtailing to certain members like authors etc attempting to increase their popularity by  foisting opinion and taking the moral high ground. I say Take your boat out add to the cummings and goings and stay overnight because boating lives matter. You will harm nobody other than the resentful who lack common sense and a mind of their own.


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  8. Nick I guess was there in the creek on his own one would assume, it’s unlikely all the boats were rafted up together, and I see his point, but that’s the problem with guidelines, in a pandemic you need laws to make people behave, and follow rules, you were there so what’s your excuse, other then the useul one NIMBY,

    • Nick’s disapproval was for boats staying overnight, which was against the rules at that time. As he explained, Nick saw many boats at anchor overnight on AIS. Just as you have not read his account properly, others have mistakenly accused him and made threats against him. Let’s leave it there please..

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