Admiral’s Cruise, 23+24 June 2018

There will be a briefing in the Rochester Cruising Club clubhouse on Wednesday 20 June at 20.30 for all those participating. If you have put your name down to take a councillor please make a special effort to attend.

Ian Foster, Admiral’s Cruise Coordinator
T: 01622 735882
M: 07710 704151

One thought on “Admiral’s Cruise, 23+24 June 2018

  1. Basically a beating of the bounds by the fishermen of the Rochester Oyster and Floating Fishery, probably the most ancient organisation on the river that nobody has ever heard of .
    The River Medway , which enjoyed a mention at Runnymede and ROFF, awarded a royal charter around 1500, has been looking after the interests of the river ever since.

    The cruise of working fishing vessels and assorted more modern craft is up to the Hawkestone on Saturday and down to wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery on the Sunday.
    Shame that the folks at Queenborough Harbour seem somewhat reluctant to host our traditional refreshment stop on the Sunday, especially as we will have the Mayor of Queenborough on the cruise. Concrete lighter being out of action, would have hoped they could have allowed us onto the ATL for a couple of hours for our lunch break.
    If you are out and about over that weekend, you now know what the fleet of up to 70 boats dressed overall are up to.
    Give us a toot.

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