Medway VTS to relocate to Liverpool on 1 May

It’s official! Medway Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) will relocate to Group Port Control Centre (GPCC) on 1 May 2018. Medway VTS is a Traffic Organisation Service (TOS), as defined in IMO Resolution A.857 (20). There will be no change to the TOS status of Medway VTS upon relocation. Medway VTS will continue to be available on VHF Channel 74 and by telephone on (0151) 949 6656.

One thought on “Medway VTS to relocate to Liverpool on 1 May

  1. I can see this is going to cause major problems in the Medway and Lower Thames areas. It is blatantly obvious that Peel Ports have not got a clue or care about safety on the River, this is all to do with saving money nothing else, they have already in effect closed the tower and the system is being operated from within some redundant office. Peel Ports should be totally ashamed of themselves, I accept that the River is nowhere as busy as it used to be, but the fact remains that safety is of paramount importance and should not be compromised in the name of money.

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