Swale Estuary declared an MCZ

Today the Government has declared the “Swale Estuary” among 23 new Marine Conservation Zones.  This designation is intended to protect fragile environments, ecosystems and threatened species though no management measures have been agreed or even proposed so it is impossible for boating organisations to know how they will be affected and to comment in any useful way. The Medway Estuary was previously declared an MCZ in Tranche 1. Read more…

One thought on “Swale Estuary declared an MCZ

  1. And what do think will happen to the area and its flora and fauna after the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery explodes? The toxins from the chemicals in the explosives will devastate the area for years if there is anybody alive in it afterwards. That is without the mustard gas which the government will not deny is aboard.
    It is only a matter of time. Even if the wreck does not explode it will collapse on itself as even stated by the government itself, allowing the toxic contents to be spread on the seabed and carried in the tide.

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