Skipper forced to abandon trimaran by Coastguard and Police

A Telstar 8-metre trimaran, formerly owned by Wil Pretty, was successfully salvaged from Joss Bay at North Foreland by a team from Hoo Ness YC at the weekend. Contrary to some inaccurate media reports, the Dutch skipper did not make a distress call and did not receive any help. In fact the reverse was the case. The police forced him to abandon the vessel where he had safely beached it after taking on water and the coastguard unhelpfully removed the engine and gear, which made the salvage more difficult. The trimaran is now on a Medway mooring and will be brought ashore at HNYC within the next few days.

Full story on HNYC website

and 2-page feature in Summer 2013 issue of Yachting Monthly

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