2 thoughts on “TS Royalist visits Queenborough

  1. Nice pic

    Forty four years ago, in 1978 I was privileged to be a Civilian Officer on the original TS Royalist (Designed by the late Colin Mudie and launched 1971). We sailed under the command of Capt. Francis Drake (yes a descendant), and I went up those masts.
    However, our sailmaster would have blown his top had the sails been as sloppily furled as depicted in this photo – just waiting to be torn apart if the wind were to get up! Perhaps though, it is just an unfortunate snap and the sails were made ‘Bristol Fashion’ soon after!

    Having so commented, this is a magnificent vessel, and the Sea Cadets organisation provides a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to experience adventure, discipline and the almost ethereal experience of being at sea in a square rigged ship and learning how to be part of a crew who truly depend on each other. If only all young people could have such an experience.
    Yes, the Sea Cadets is wonderful organisation and to be applauded and supported. May it long continue to provide life-changing experiences for future generations of young people.

    Cap’n Pugsley

  2. I’ve just asked the very same question on the QHT page – smacks of a spritsail barge not clewing her topsail and the wind getting into it.
    One see’s it so often.
    My dad would have gone ballistic if we’d done that on the May Flower!
    As you say ‘Cap’n Pugsley’ – sloppy!

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