Jet ski crashes into Sheppey beach

Following the recent spate of incidents of irresponsible and illegal behaviour by users of PWCs, Tim Bell has sent us this video of two lads crashing onto a beach at Minster after losing control of their jet ski. The Medway Ports by-laws have strict limits on speed and where personal watercraft can be used on the Medway and Swale. Video by Denis Gordo.

2 thoughts on “Jet ski crashes into Sheppey beach

  1. Although it was not intentional, it was an accident waiting to happen.
    But nothing will be done until there is a death, either a rider or a bystander.

    • Today I saw three jetskis go past Aylesford Priori at speed. I have driven Ribs and Cathedral hull boats at say 20knots knowing that cutting the engine and turning simultaneously I’d stop in about 30ft but would question Jetskis at their speed in a narrow and twisty river but have no experience.

      That film shows the boys and the jetski going 50yds up the beach. That requires an enormous inertia.


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