Is your club unsure of what to do about Covid-19?

The RYA website has a Covid-19 Hub which includes key information for clubs, recreational boaters and training centres. The RYA Legal and Government Affairs team is working hard to interpret government announcements and understand the detail to provide us with accurate information. For instance, if it is OK to go for a bike ride can we go for a solo sail?

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3 thoughts on “Is your club unsure of what to do about Covid-19?

  1. The purpose of reducing the use of vehicles on the road is to reduce the consequences at the other end, when people park, get out and pass or congregate too close to others. People isolated inside vehicles are isolated, perfectly.
    If it is possible to go dinghy sailing without being closer than (at least) 2m to others you do not live with, rigging, launching etc then there might be a case, but it does not seem likely. Solo dinghy sailing may also require the presence of a guard boat, usually with a 2 man crew.
    Solo sailing a cruiser for experienced sailors, or with family you live with, is probably more realistic, and one could go for a longer cruise, again provided there is no risk to others at the beginning and the end. Of course having to be rescued by the RNLI would be unreasonable… but then that is also true for the AA/RAC on your way to and from…

  2. Agree with R. Telford … I cannot see why driving down to my club, parking up and walking round to boat and going for a sail aboard my Finesse 24 can possibly cause a problem – a breakdown on way down perhaps…
    The only time I actually feel at risk is when on our weekly visit to the supermarket when in a queue 2 m apart from the next person.
    On our regular daily walks we used to see a few people in passing, this has risen, but not to any concerning level – we step back into the bushes …
    No, I would be more cocooned from society afloat!

  3. Additionally, in my area (Lower Thames) the Port of London Authority have issued a notice essentially preventing people from going afloat – to protect rescue services? I know too from sailing friends who berth their vessels in marinas that they have been informed that ‘the’ marina is closed.
    One chap has begun to worry about the well being of his vessel – a clinker gaff cutter. He has been told that staff are monitoring vessels – my experience of marina monitoring rests with ‘not our problem mate’ – I’d be worried too.
    The question arises how this affects one’s insurance with not being able to maintain an eye on the insured property?
    At my yacht club, the yard and moorings remain ‘open’ in that owners can carry out safety checks. The clubhouse is closed.
    I am visiting my vessel and deem it a necessary action – my insurer is aware of this.
    Food for thought.
    What I’m certain about is the HM Government will not underwrite problems…

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