Queenborough Classic Boat Festival, 31 Aug – 1 Sept

The 4th Classic Yacht & Motor Boat Festival is open to any boat, large or small, designed or built before 1970 – wood, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, ferro cement, sail, power, steam or other, the bigger the variety of boats the better the show. If in doubt as to whether your boat qualifies please email a photo and a short description. Without classic boats, we will not have a festival, so we are delighted to offer free berthing for up to 5 nights for qualifying vessels that register with us before 2 August 2019. If you have any info on how to make this classic boat event even better than the last 3 we would be grateful with any suggestions. You must register by email and have received a confirmation email to attend. To register your Classic Boat please email admin@queenborough-harbour.co.uk. For visitors (by foot) entry is FREE, the harbour will be open to the public to view the boats and meet the skippers. In addition, we plan to run passenger trips around the harbour and visit classic boats on their moorings. Last year almost 1000 people attended and the atmosphere was terrific.

  • Opening Times:
  • Friday 30th Most of the Classic Boats arrive in harbour
  • Sat 31st        Festival open 10am to 5pm
  • Sun 1st         Festival open 10am to 2pm

One thought on “Queenborough Classic Boat Festival, 31 Aug – 1 Sept

  1. Last year the turn out was just three (3) yachts, a bawley and three (3) tugs, one polluting us all night with fumes, but that’s another story.
    The point I am going to make is that of the three yachts, two came from Essex. The other and the bawley were ‘Medway’ boats.
    Unless local boat owners support this event then it will die. It is a blessing that Queenborough Harbour Authority are having another go: last year they were very disappointed, as those that attended!
    So, there are probably hundreds of traditional craft in the Medway and Swale basins, get booked in and come along, please…

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