Annual Leisure Craft Conservancy Charges

Peel Ports Medway have made some alterations to the season for the collection of Annual Leisure Craft Conservancy and Yacht Mooring charges. Historically the Annual Leisure Craft Conservancy and Yacht Mooring Charges have been charged for the season 1st April – 31st March yearly.

In the future, as from April 2019, the Annual Leisure Craft Conservancy and Yacht Mooring charges will be charged for the period 1st January – 31st December yearly. Therefore the 2019 charges will be pro-rated to reflect this change and the charge will show a nine months pro-rated charge from 1st April 2019- 31st December 2019.

The new rates also include an increase of 3.3% as per the RPI guidelines. Therefore the 9 months pro-rata charges 1st Apr-31st Dec 2019 are as follows:

  •            Yacht Club Leisure Craft Conservancy charge = £ 52.07 (VAT Inc.)
  •            Yacht Club Yacht Mooring charge = £73.81 (VAT EX)

Going forward the charges shall be levied on the 1st January each year for the season starting 1st January 2020- 31st December 2020. If you need further assistance in the explanation of the new changes of the Medway tariff please do not hesitate to contact  or telephone 01795 596444.

4 thoughts on “Annual Leisure Craft Conservancy Charges

  1. I don’t pay any fee directly to the ‘Medway’ but probably do in a small way every time I pick up a mooring and are charged – say at Queenborough – so I was wondering what it is the charge is for. Over at the Island YC (Canvey Island) ‘we’ pay the PLA a wadge of money each year for our moorings c£10, 000. For that we essentially get very little, other than our club’s mooring licence …

    Sailing into the Medway on Tuesday (11th) last week I spotted a huge chunk of flotsam tracking down the tide line just after high water on the stretch along the ‘north’ shore of Sheerness Harbour by the power station outfall beacon.
    The ‘chunk’ looked as if it were composed of various bits, some submerged. It was as long as my Finesse 24 – at least 7 metres … and it looked horrible. Possibly a chunk of ‘barge’ that had floated off the saltings after the recent high tides.

    I called up the harbour authority … response was a non-committal thanks.

    We sailed on towards Queenborough and during that time another small vessel reported the same object. It took a further 30 minutes to clear the spit buoy and during that time we neither heard or saw any intervention of a harbour launch.

    I’d expected to see a launch come out of The Camber and intercept the obstruction.

    So, apart from the obvious, what do you pay your money for?

  2. I am on a swing mooring with queenborough harbour trust i am also a member of
    queenborough yacht club i only go out the front for a bit of fishing my boat is 6.60 meter do i need a conservancy disc and is this compulsory if im moored on a swing mooring at queenborough

    • John, the harbour manager and the yacht club should be able to answer this but the short answer is yes. Your boat is moored in the Medway Ports area, is over 5.1 metres long and is powered.
      The harbour authority is legally empowered to make a conservancy charge. This is not a charge for a service, so don’t complain, it is simply a “Peel tax”.

      If you buy a conservancy sticker through your club they should get a 15% discount. They may choose to put his towards club funds or share the discount with you.

      However you may well notice that not everyone buys a sticker and we are not aware of anyone having been taken to court for non-payment. You may get an intimidating letter though.

      • A bit late answering this one, my boat is also at Queenborough on a swing mooring …. I had to pay my 2020 fee direct to Peel Ports, £71.16 incl vat.
        I asked QHT if they had a scheme where a discount was available if purchased through them. Answer was no. They want no involvement in this fee. They had been previously asked by Peel to collect it on their behalf…they refused. They will also not pass details of mooring holders to Peel due to Data Protection.

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