Maidstone River Festival Cancelled

Our upstream partner organisation, the Medway River Users Association, has just announced that “due to complete incompetence of Maidstone Borough Council the towpath/footpath is closed from this week until late Aug 2017; this will prevent any visiting craft from mooring. The Maidstone River Festival that was due to take place on the last weekend in July has therefore been cancelled.”

The MRUA spokesman added, “Our dedicated committee are completely frustrated by the complete lack of any vision from Maidstone Borough Council, they have a plan that highlights the use of the river to promote Maidstone, but this has been completely ignored. To all the companies and professionals, clubs and associations, the committee sincerely apologise but thank you for your promise of financial support. Very many hours of personal time have been committed to this event and the committee are devastated at this outcome.”

2 thoughts on “Maidstone River Festival Cancelled

  1. One hopes that at some point in the dim and distant future MBC will appreciate the asset that is running right through the centre of their town and spend some money to improve the area especially for visiting boaters.
    It has an appalling reputation at the moment for mooring problems including no bollards,trolleys and rubbish on the bottom and disturbance for overnight moorers.
    The MP for Maidstone was over here Medway recently doing a bit to encourage use of the water, might be better to spend her time giving MBC a bit of her time.

    Medway Council, in complete contrast,are spending time and money actively promoting the river for recreation and leisure.

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