Queenborough alternative marina plan gains Council support

Queenborough Creek planTim Bell writes: My group are absolutely delighted that Swale Borough Council are taking the Alternative Marina idea seriously. This is a first step, and has been recommended by the Local Development Framework Panel Meeting to put to the council meeting for adoption by the council meeting on 2nd March. A large number of respondents (nearly 70) requested that this alternative plan be ‘adopted’ by the Borough Council instead of the proposed Masterplan Addendum. Respondents supported the alternative plan for a number of reasons, notably that:
  • the waterside location is unique and should not be used for housing when alternative brownfields available for this;
  • the alternative marina plan is cheaper and more deliverable;
  • a marina would add to local amenity and recreation value and provide a focus for the area;
  • a marina would generate local employment and will support the economic prosperity of the town and island as a whole;
  • it would attract a lot of visitors to the area, especially if the expected level of tidal access could be achieved, and could be a significant boost to the tourism offer of Queenborough and Sheppey generally, as an important focal point. It would diversify Sheppey’s traditional ‘bucket and spade’ holiday offer and cater for a more sophisticated market;
  • Queenborough is a better location for a marina than the Sheerness Port proposal. Economic upturn means that deliverability of a marina now possible and should be reinstated in plans;
  • a marina would make the housing in the area more viable and enable a higher density to be achieved; and
  •  increased yacht visits will encourage related industry and jobs.


3.1 As a result of, and in response to, the consultation responses received, it is proposed to strengthen the Masterplan Addendum to highlight that the area to the south of the Creek is to be safeguarded for future Creekside leisure, commercial and open space uses. This can be seen in Appendix I. This leaves open the possibility of the Alternative Marina Creek Plan being implemented once the promoters gain funding for their scheme.

Queenborough and Rushenden – Indicative Revised Land Use Plan Addendum to 2010 Adopted Masterplan

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