Have you seen this boat? FOUND

Image from MSBA CCTV camera.

This little red boat called Glug Glug was deliberately cast adrift in the early hours of 24 August. It was attached to the fence outside Medway Cruising Club at Gillingham Strand. It probably drifted down the river and may be beached somewhere. If you have any information please contact info@msba.org.uk and we will pass it on to the owner.

UPDATE 26.8.2020: We understand from our friends at Queenborough Harbour that the boat was recovered from Darnet Ness yesterday and is now with Kent Police at Sheerness.

3 thoughts on “Have you seen this boat? FOUND

  1. We will be out on the Medway a great deal in the next week and will keep a sharp lookout for Glug Glug. What a terrible shame that there are such horrible people about. We hope you find her.

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