Do you know this boat?

Photo Graeme Longmuir

This dilapidated motor cruiser was found drifting in the Medway above Rochester Bridge on 4 February and was rescued by the tug Speedwell. It is still tied up on Rochester Pier. If you have any information about who owns it or where it came from, please email

2 thoughts on “Do you know this boat?

  1. Tony, Lindsay Chivers of MYC has some pertinent information about this motor cruiser, but made two attempts to reply and it bounced back with ‘invalid recipient’. Apparently that vessel was in trouble last year and the crew landed at the defunct Arethusa Jetty. The boat was picked up later, abandoned floating down the river and secured somewhere by Pete Ports, who should have a record, if they traced the owner. Lindsay thought that it looked as if it had been submerged.


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