Queenborough pontoon now in position

Queenborough pontoon croppedDick Holness took this photo today.  Yesterday the “harbour lookout” and container were taken by lorry to Sheerness then brought back again by sea.

UPDATE: The pontoon is expected to be open for business from 12 November but the official Press Launch is scheduled for 26 November.

3 thoughts on “Queenborough pontoon now in position

  1. I am disappointed the harbour office has been moved to the pontoon. It was ideally located to view the harbour, and was easy access for people coming by road to talk to the harbour staff.

    Now people will have to buy a token simply to get to the harbour office. Though I am sure the Harbour Trust will continue to improve the harbour for mooring holders and visitors, it is a shame a few people from the local community are so short sited that they cannot see the benefit the harbour is making to Queenborough.

    The new pontoon makes a mark in the future of Queenborough. It is the first step into transforming the harbour into a great destination in its own right.

  2. I too have similar views to those given by Eddie: the staff had a grand view of much of their remit. The old office round the corner, up the creek, was very remote and I don’t suppose many visitors knew it was there at all.

    It is also true that people often wish to visit a harbour office from the landward side. I appreciate that the land upon which the office stood belongs to another, surely a shore ‘post’ is desired.

    Queenborough needs this overall improvement: in the eyes of many boating folk it is a non-destination – I defend the place often amongst many of my own friends even – and much of this is down to what Eddie say’s about local attitudes.

    Queenborough, if situated down the south coast would be a yachting paradise. The place has history and ancient buildings. It is a local gem, but locals need to do their bit too: too many visitors don’t even bother to go ashore – why?

    For us, when cruising, it is one of the few places where stores can be easily obtained on the Medway without the need to go into a marina such as Chatham … I could go on…

  3. Wonderful, we can furtherout visit this lovely place by using the ATL after saling from or back to germany. many thanks to all the people, who make this possible!
    Uwe Moecke

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