Lower Halstow Yacht Club

Lower Halstow Yacht Club
Key: D, SC, MC, M, 118

Sited at the head of the peaceful Halstow Creek, (accessible HW +/- 1.5 hours) adjacent beautiful Saxon church, a few minutes along the sea wall. The club welcomes visitors to use the club to get ashore and has moorings located nearby, specifically for their use. The club is predominantly a sailing cruising club catering for craft up to 35 feet length, but it also has a few very keen and active dinghy sailors. During the season and extremely popular series of “Top of the Tide” races is held. Organised events also cater for the cruising yachtsman, as well as the not-too-competitive cruiser turned racer person.

Commodore: David Metcalfe
T: 07777 644795
E: commodore (at) lhyc.org.uk

Mooring Master: Graham Leighton
E: mooring_master (at) lhyc.org.uk

Secretary: Graham Osborne
T: 01634 324517
E: secretary (at) lhyc.org.uk

Rep to MSBA: David Metcalfe
T: 07777 644795
E: info (at) lhyc.org.uk