Royal Engineer Yacht Club

Royal Engineer Yacht Club

Key: D, SC, SB, MC , 100

A global yacht club. Its serving Royal Engineer members can be found in all corners of the world where the British Army is engaged. The REYC is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the world. Its original base being on a raft in St Mary’s Creek, now the site of Chatham dockyard locks. Activities in Chatham have recently been reduced and Royal Engineers are now able to carry out sail training at the excellent facilities in Gosport and Thorney Island. Membership is made up of serving Royal Engineers and other servicemen and civilians attached to the garrison. The club operates over 50 moorings in Chatham and Upnor reaches.

Mooring applications welcomed from all military and civilian yacht owners.

Mooring and membership enquiries to email: reyc.chatham (at)

4 thoughts on “Royal Engineer Yacht Club

  1. i am looking for moorings to buy in belgium,but i am having no luck. i need river/canal for a 45ft cabin cruiser. i was told by a friend to contact this site. can you give me any help? tel no. 07547992217. thankyou.

    • Hi Raymond
      I’m not sure if you are addressing your request to the REYC or to all visitors to the MSBA website. I suggest you contact the following whose details you can find under Members on the website: Victory Moorings, Rochester Cruising Club and Beacon Boatyard.
      Best wishes and good luck
      Tony Lavelle

  2. Hi,

    This might be a bit of a longshot, but here goes. I work for the Big C Cancer Charity in Norfolk. Some while ago we had a donation that included a folder of yacht related sketches. The front of the folder reads; ‘The Complete Yachtsman’. Then it says, ‘ Maj. J (or F) E A Rogers, R.E. There are a number of humourous sketches some of which show some warships and others that have R.E. Yacht Club on some pennants. As I said, maybe a longshot, but are you able to cast any light on the artist?
    Regards Jeff Anderson

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