Medway Council update

Hayley Taylor was called away at the last minute from attending our AGM last week. Here are the main points from the report she was intending to present:

  • Sun Pier – Is open and fully operational, it would be lovely to see it used more frequently.  The next phase of works will involve remedial works to the upper deck of the Pier and include replacement / refurbishment of the planks and re-painting the railings etc.  We have asked the contractors, as part of the tender process, to keep any disruption to a minimum during works and to phase them so that access to the pontoon is not reduced. I am meeting the contractors on site tomorrow so will be able to advise MSBA when the works will be taking place and if there are likely to be any planned closures.
  • Rochester Pier – Unfortunately we have had further vandalism to the token machines both on shore and on the pontoon so at the moment access will only be available to those who hold an access card.  Users are able to moor and to exit but will not be able to regain entry to the pier using a token.  I visited the pier today with one of our electrical contractors and am awaiting a quote for the repair works.  We will aim to have this fixed as soon as possible but it is only 3 months since the token machine was replaced so funding will be an issue.
  • Gillingham Pier – I am ordering improved signage to make it clear that launching of jet skis is not permitted at Gillingham Pier.
  • River Festival – There has been an issue with the date that was proposed but we are working on getting a new date for the 2016 festival confirmed ASAP.  As discussed today it will be good to have a greater presence ‘on the water’ and look forward to working with MSBA to make this happen.
  • Battle of Medway – The 2017 commemorations are being planned and we discussed the early phases of how this event will take shape.  More details to follow.
  • We are looking to work with MSBA to improve publicity and information concerning river access in Medway – putting details on our website and other tourism sites, along with updating the brochure which can be sent to anybody wishing to visit Medway by boat.

One thought on “Medway Council update

  1. It’s a shame about the vandalism on Rochester pier. It is totally pointless. I can only assume it’s outsiders of the boating world. Maybe it would help if people were allowed an over night stay on their boats and not just a day visit. 24 hr stay.
    The thugs must be doing this of the night and is costly to us all in the end. At least there would be surveillance for a longer period and would help encourage more visitors. Could be better alround.
    Ps how do people get hold off an access card. I for one did not know of this. Keep up the good work msba,

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