Long Reach Ski Club

Long Reach Ski Club
Key: PB, Sk, B, 100

The Long Reach Ski Club is a members only club for families to enjoy water sports, particularly water skiing. The club’s facilities consist of toilets, showers and a wash down area for boats. Unfortunately, we do not possess a clubhouse.

Hon Sec and Rep to MSBA: Glynis Rosser
T: 01795 511116
E: glynis49(at)aol.com

8 thoughts on “Long Reach Ski Club

  1. hi i have heard you might be having boat moorings at your club i would be very interested their is about 6 friends of mine who would join we are currently at the club next door and the fees are due there mid april cheers john

  2. Hi. I sent an email with some questions about membership several months ago but have not received a reply. Are the contact details correct?

    • I have contacted Glynis on the phone number given. The club email address doesn’t work so I have changed it to the one she has just given me.

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