It’s Official: Return to boating from today!

The UK government now allows unlimited outdoor activities, including all watersports, in England from 13 May. Also there is no limit on car travel to enjoy these activities.

However only members of one household can be together. Also we must continue to observe hygiene and social distancing rules and be very careful to mitigate any risk to the emergency services. Boating is the safest outdoor activity (or “sport” if you prefer) for social distancing and many of us rely on it for our mental and physical well-being. However incidents of irresponsible boating behaviour risk jeopardising our new found freedom, so let’s take care!

Unlike other harbour authorities, Peel Ports have resisted the temptation to add to the confusion by imposing restrictions on recreational boating on the Medway and Swale. However clubs and marinas have been advised to carry out risk assessments and document procedures, so we should not rush back to our boats until these measures are in place.

RYA updated Covid-19 guidance for affiliated clubs.

British Marine Coronavirus Hub

One thought on “It’s Official: Return to boating from today!

  1. Thank you MSBA: you keep us all well informed promptly.
    I’m an ‘outsider’ berthed in Lower Thames and under PLA jurisdiction (not as enlightened as Peel Ports perhaps) so have been confined.
    A sail on tide now beckons, or a long day out: we have to sleep at home, and how refreshing it will feel.
    We look forward to slipping into the Medway and Swale soon…

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