Commodore’s Hard closure (updated)

Medway Council advise that Commodores Hard slipway will be CLOSED to all users for essential safety repairs from 1st June to 1st July 2019. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SLIPWAY DURING REPAIRS. The nearest public launch sites (apart from nearby Gillingham Pier) are Queenborough and Herne Bay. Medway Council 01634 333333

UPDATE 21 June: Owing to delays, the Hard will remain closed until 13 July. 

4 thoughts on “Commodore’s Hard closure (updated)

  1. hi as a boat user I can appreciate the repairs to the slipway. Having gone down to look at progress I noticed a set of barriers further down the road from the slip now in place. ive been told their is going to be no parking down by the slipway and u have to unload all your equipment and drive back up to the car park and pay I’m not Shure if this is fact. the other issue with this if true not everyone has a car I use a van which will not fit under the 6ft6inch height barrier to the carpark so would completely stop me using the slipway; could you please advise what is fact and what is not as ive used the slipway over 40yrs and would be very disappointed if provisions are not provided for all ,,many thanks

  2. hi visited the slipway recently to see how work was going. noticed a set of gates up the slip road have been installed ..what is the reason for this ..also my main concern is people are saying you cannot park down by the slip .anymore I’m not Shure if this is fact .apparently you can unload all your equipment then drive up to the carpark and pay i have no real problem with this only I drive a van that will not fit under the 6ft6inch height restriction on the carpark so if the council want to make people pay for parking maybe a machine down by the slip so we can all use the public slip not just a few

  3. Hi, the MSBA did raise the issue with parking services about high sided vehicles not being able to park after launching. Allegedly, Medway Council are not currently enforcing restrictions along the approach road but that cannot be guaranteed. Hopefully, in due course, a permit system will be put in place for legitimate boaters vehicles

  4. Still closed off 16 july what is going on??? repair works very minor two sets of barriers ?? seem to be the biggest works 7 weeks closed for what i could have done in two days.

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