1982 Swale Barge Match photo

Sue Ballard very kindly sent us this framed photo which her mother, Mavis Crocket, bought in an antique shop many years ago. It’s identified as the 1982 Swale Match. Can anyone identify the boats?

This year’s Swale Smack and Sailing Barge Match will take place on 9-11 August

One thought on “1982 Swale Barge Match photo

  1. I believe the 3rd spritsail barge from left is likely to be the Mirosa … in her ‘Portland Cement’ days.
    The one in the ‘lead’ looks like Ironsides…
    And the barge with all ‘white’ sails could be the Vigilant when she still had her wheelhouse soon after re-rigging.
    The 3rd from right should be recognisable by a ‘barge buff’ – I can’t make out the logo in topsail.
    What appears to be a ‘small’ barge, 4th from lhs, at a guess might be the Oak, which sailed briefly about this time…
    Of course, I could be completely wrong!
    As for the boats to far lhs, I haven’t a clue…

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