Yacht Prikalthum now rescued.


This yacht was beached at Cockham Wood Fort, north shore between Wilsonian SC and Hoo Ness YC. Her name is Prikalthum, she was lying on her side, mast towards the shore. Medway VTS and the Coastguard have been informed. The HNYC mooring master has put her back on her mooring.

4 thoughts on “Yacht Prikalthum now rescued.

  1. Good example of one reason why folks ought to cough up and register any vessel with Peel Ports.
    If a vessel goes adrift during a winter gale and is spotted beached somewhere , simple task to find out who owns the boat and be contact them quickly before too much further damage is done.

  2. Many moons ago a Princess 33 owned by me was deliberately cast adrift form its mid river mooring in Rochester Town centre late one evening.
    Boat was was later spotted ,hard aground at HW mark, in Strood Bight.
    Incident was reported to Peel Ports who promptly sent a vessel up to secure boat to shore.
    Peel Ports then obviously searched their records and unable to contact me directly, phoned commodor of KFBC (my boat club at the time) who informed me of the situtation.
    Able to recover boat around midnight the followin day, fortunately with no damage to boat.
    Culprits were never indentified but could only have had access by boat.
    Peel Ports refused to accept any payment for services rendered.

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