Mid Cant Beacon to be “deleted”

Peel Ports have issued a list of obsolete or missing navigation marks that are to be deleted from Trinity House’s records. At the end of this list is the Mid Cant beacon, a lit north cardinal beacon marking the end of the submarine barrier off the north coast of Sheppey, to be reclassified as “ruin”. As this is an important aid to navigation for boats, including fishing vessels, using the Four Fathom Channel between the Medway and Ramsgate we have requested that the mark be maintained but otherwise it should be removed entirely so that it does not itself become a hazard.

You are invited to submit comments to Capt. Ian Clark AFRIN AFNI, Manager Marine Operations, by 30 June 2017.

3 thoughts on “Mid Cant Beacon to be “deleted”

  1. Should individual clubs or persons also write or does MSBA respond for all of us in some kind of block vote?

  2. It is all very well for marks to be allowed to become obsolete, if the hazard they’ve been marking has been removed or is deemed no longer a hazard. However, if remnants of the boom still exist, then it should remain as a marked hazard…

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