Three MPs at Medway Watersports Open Day

3 MPs at the StrandOur three local MPs show us how it should be done today at the Medway Watersports Trust Open Day: (left to right) Kelly Tolhurst, Tracey Crouch and Rehman Chishti. Kelly is Patron of the MSBA and Tracey is Sports Minister. Tracey unveiled a new mural by Sharmaine Kwan. To the left you can see the parlous state of Medway’s only public slipway, known as Commodore’s Hard. The MSBA is campaigning for better public acess to the river.

One thought on “Three MPs at Medway Watersports Open Day

  1. Good news, but the hard that could do with a ‘spot’ of loving care is the one at Harty to get ashore to the pub – essentially private, I realise, but will soon be a loss…
    I have mentioned to the Ferry Inn…

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