Rochester Bridge span closures, 3-5 Feb – UPDATED

Peel Ports have issued a Notice to Mariners concerning structural inspection works and span closures on Rochester Rail Bridge. Inspections and subsequent span closures will be carried out on a span by span basis:

  • 03-02-2016 low water slack at 0040hrs Rochester span
  • 04-02-2016 low water slack at 0207hrs Span 2
  • 05-02-2016 low water slack at 0328hrs Span 3 and Sole street span

Only one span will be closed to navigation at any one time. It is estimated that span closures will be between 1 hour before LW and 2 hours after LW.  A closed span will be identified by the suspension of three RED disks at the points of an equilateral triangle with the apex downwards and the base horizontal; by night by three RED lights in a similar position to the discs exhibited by day. The RED disks or lights will be suspended from the centre of the span. The safety boat ‘Dentex II’ will be in attendance during the diving operations and will maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch74.

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