Buoyage changes in East Swin

East Swin Buoyage Changes

Chart Copyright Imray

Roger Gaspar’s Crossing the Thames Estuary website points out that if you take the popular route up the East Swin to Essex, via the South Whitaker buoy, there are some major chart corrections to make “following a survey”. On about 14 September, Trinity House will be moving the S Whitaker SHB, West Hook Middle PHB and NE Maplin SHB from the East Swin to Middle Deep where they will be renamed Maplin Approach, East Maplin and Maplin Middle respectively.

UPDATE: As the NE Maplin buoy is just inside the firing range, and has been for a very long time, it seems the changes are simply to protect us from getting shot at. However there is nothing to stop us following the old route, which many of us have in our GPSs.

Trinity House NTM 23 of 2015…

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