Medway yachts damaged by dredger in fog

Fourteen yachts moored outside Medway Yacht Club were struck and some were badly damaged on Sunday morning by a dredger in thick fog. Fortunately no-one was on board but on the south side of the river two MYC members, who had been sleeping on board their boat, were woken by the incident and reported what happened.

See eye-witness account and photos on YBW East Coast forum

Arco Arun track

The AIS track shows that the 98 metre dredger Arco Arun went to the north side of the river on its passage downstream just after 06.30 BST doing 6.6 knots.

Max Taylor, Deputy Harbour Master, informs us that MV Arco Arun has submitted a report to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch and Peel Ports will conduct an internal investigation in addition to reporting to the MAIB. Peel Ports has offered support to MYC and a representative from the vessel operator has been on site.

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