Kingsferry Bridge problems resurface

After a few years of much improved operation, we are once more receiving reports of excessive delays at Kingsferry Bridge, which is supposed to open once an hour on request. The bridge is operated by Network Rail. If you cannot get a response from the bridge operator on VHF channel 10, or you are held up for an excessive time, please contact Medway VTS on VHF channel 74 and ask for the incident to be recorded.

Delays at the bridge can seriously affect the viability of Queenborough Harbour as a destination for visiting yachts. It can also jeopardise the safety of boats heading for moorings in the Swale creeks due to their limited tidal access.

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2 thoughts on “Kingsferry Bridge problems resurface

  1. I passed through last week (Half term) and went straight through going east on BH Monday, but returning westwards on Wednesday it was a little different. After being told to close the bridge we were eventually told that a bit of maintenance was being done and that we would go through during a lift for a ship an hours hence … so we had a leisurely sail back and forth drinking tea … around an hour and twenty mins. Not quite the longest ever waited, but began to get tetchy!

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