Medway’s Great War relic on TV

U-boat in 1930Trevor Peen writes, “Probably back in November of 2012 Medway Watersports took a film crew down to the U-boat to make a short documentary. There have been two small articles in the local press. I’m sure many members would be intrested in the history on our doorstep.”

Britain’s Great War, presented by Jeremy Paxman, has now been confirmed for Monday January 27th at 9pm on BBC ONE. The episode in which the sunken U-boat is featured is episode 3, to be broadcast on Monday February 10th at 9pm on BBC ONE

See BBC video of the sub

One thought on “Medway’s Great War relic on TV

  1. I saw this on the ‘box’ too and a couple weeks earlier in the Daily Telegraph…
    I wrote about the submarine in two of my books, Salt Marsh & Mud and Mudlarking published in 2009 and 2010 respectively. When I first saw the sub with my own eyes some years ago, what interested me more was the hulk of a spritsail barge sitting alongside cocooned in mud up to her deck line … what was she doing there! I found out the story behind this and it was related in Mudlarking, in chapter 2. Neither the news paper (an article about Cotswolds Archaeological doing a review of coastal wrecks…) and the BBC programme mentioned this vessel even though it was clear to see!

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