Winter Warmer talk by Met Office weatherman, 8 Dec

Mark Rogers from the Met Office will update us on modern weather forecasting. Weather is something that affects every mariner. Can you read the clouds, what is a synoptic chart and how will it help me? Everyone knows that the Met Office forecasts the weather but how is this done and what are their roles and responsibilities within the UK and around the world?

The CA Kent Section Winter Warmers are held at The Dog & Bear Hotel, The Square
Lenham, ME17 2PG. All are welcome. There is a small charge of £3.

Situated 8 miles East of Maidstone, just off the A20 in the village square. Many eat beforehand and it helps speed up service if you telephone the pub on 01622 858219 and order your meal before 5pm.

Queenborough Harbour CCF bid for more moorings


Queenborough Harbour Trust is through to round two of the Coastal Community Funding programme and has been invited to apply for a government grant to install sixty new moorings.

If successful this would bring the total number of moorings to 180, create new job opportunities and give a boost to local trade.

Teen arrested after multiple fires at Acorn Shipyard


Photo Nigel Crisp

Following a spate of suspicious fires at Acorn Shipyard, the latest on Sunday having left a replica Dutch barge gutted, a 19 year old Rochester man has been arrested.

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Stuart Cox, 1923-2016

stuart-coxBob Cox has told us of the sad news that his father, Stuart, died on 16 October. Stuart was a popular GP and had a distinguished career in local politics. As a pillar of Medway Yacht Club he set up the Medway Yachting Association, which became the MSBA, and it was his idea to link the RYA membership to clubs.

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Pirates Cave Christmas Event, Thu 1 Dec

pirates-cave-eventSTOP PRESS: “FLARE AMNESTY”

It’s free on a first come, first served basis, with a minimum purchase of £10, or swap with like for like purchase of new flares.
Maximum 10 per person, with maximum capacity of 150 flares.

Kingsferry Bridge problems return

The MSBA has been made aware of the return of unacceptable practices by the bridge operators in October.

  1. Bridge operator not responding to repeated VHF calls on Ch 10 until contacted by Medway VTS.
  2. Bridge not being raised fully despite assurances given to the MSBA by the previous Senior Regional Operations Manager
  3. Operator calling boats through when ship approaching from opposite direction

We have filed an official complaint with Network Rail, listing dates and times of incidents, but have had an unsatisfactory reply that does not address these points. Network Rail say the bridge is only being lifted fully for commercial, not recreational, vessels and that the bridge will not be raised more than once per hour. Masts are expected to be lowered when possible.

Dolphins spotted in Medway


Photo Ken Waller

A common dolphin, not so common in the Medway, photographed by a member of Hoo Ness YC from a boat coincidentally called Dolphin

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