Dolphins spotted in Medway


Photo Ken Waller

A common dolphin, not so common in the Medway, photographed by a member of Hoo Ness YC from a boat coincidentally called Dolphin

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Porpoises return to Medway – UPDATED

There have been several sightings (including by your webmaster) of harbour porpoises in the Medway in the last few weeks, as far up as Rochester Bridge. The presence of these small members of the dolphin family suggests a good supply of fish, probably as a result of tighter environmental legislation and the decline of local industry. These mammals are shy and if you blink you miss them! If you are lucky enough to get a photo please send it to

UPDATE: A couple of porpoises have been spotted as far upstream as Rochester Cruising Club. Any advance?

North Kent Catchment Improvement Group – can you help?

Mark Loos of the Medway Swale Estuary Partnership asks us to look at this tentative list of projects that came out of the recent consultation. He would be most grateful if you could forward any comments that you or your organisation may have on the list, by Friday 5 December at the latest. Even if you’re happy with the projects themselves, maybe your organisation can help with delivery? Please take this opportunity to ensure that we have the right projects and right partners in place, to ensure that the action plan is a success.

Medway Estuary (transitional and coastal waters) ProjectsVer1

Pod of whales visits Medway

Max Taylor, our Deputy Harbour Master, reports that we were visited on Sunday by a pod of what appears to be Pilot Whales. Initially spotted in Kethole Reach by the Fishing Vessel “Julie Sue” early Sunday morning, the pod of approximately 28 Whales were in the vicinity of the Bulwark wreck. As the tide turned the “Julie Sue” assisted by Peel Ports Medway craft “Westbourne” and “Maurice Gill” carefully escorted the whales into deeper water within the Estuary. Medway Navigation Service (VHF channel 74) welcome any reports of large numbers of cetaceans in the Medway area from recreational river users.