The Gates are Open in Faversham Creek

LFaversham Creek Gatesast week, the gates at the entrance of the Basin were opened in a joint exercise between Peel Ports and the Faversham Creek Navigation Co. A large amount of accumulated rubbish was removed from behind the gates enabling the right hand gate to be fully opened but the left hand gate can only be half opened due to a problem with the hinges. However, this is enough space for the some dredging equipment to be brought through, so that dredging operations can start in the next few weeks. Read more…

Bringing life back to the Westbrook Stream

Tim Stonor helps to clear debris from Westbrook Stream Credit: Fiona Hanson
Tim Stonor uses a punt to clears debris from Westbrook Stream. Credit: Fiona Hanson

Friends of Westbrook Stream and Stonebridge Pond, near Faversham, have cleared vegetation and rubbish, monitored invasive species, dredged silt and started ecological surveys. They have been supported by supported by the Environment Agency, the Medway & Swale Estuary Partnership and Swale Borough Council. To enable the clearance work, the group commissioned a punt to be built by a group of unemployed locals led by shipwright Alan Thorne from the Purifier Yacht and Dinghy Company. Read more in the Telegraph

Faversham Creek Basin Dredging Application

Faversham Creek Basin 2The proposed works are to restore the Basin as a working resource in the centre of Faversham, to enable traditional vessels such as Thames Barges to be berthed, restored and maintained there. This is part of a wider project to restore the whole Creek for the benefit of Faversham Town and its visitors, and to develop marine based employment.

The application to the Marine Management Organisation for the licence to dredge the Basin, is now out for public consultation. Please follow this link to the Faversham Creek Trust Dredging Application to find out more and respond with your support for the dredging application.

New chartlet soon for Faversham Creek

News from Bob Telford of the Faversham Creek Trust: The Faversham Creek leaflet that contains the Creek chartlet is very out of date and is being replaced by a new simpler one.The new chartlet will be ready well in time for 2015 season.

This is being worked on now, but the chartlet needs further updating with new buoys. There will be additional info about the position of the buoys in relation to the channel, shown at low water. Next year we will have some repositioned, but the trick is to watch your depth sounder. Contact details are also very out of date, especially telephone numbers.

However, the top end of the Creek in the town has been dredged and visitors are welcome. We have had visitors from Leigh, Benfleet and Walton this year, as well as from the Medway and the south coast. The bottom is very flat and clean at Town Quay.