Medway Council rejects petition to improve public slipway

A petition, led by Trevor Peen of Medway Waterports Centre, to repair the last remaining public slipway and access road at Commodore’s Hard, Gillingham, has been rejected by Medway Council. Robin Cooper, the Council’s Director of Regeneration, Community and Culture, stated that the slipway had been recently cleared of mud and was in as good condition as the Harty Ferry slipway on the Isle of Sheppey. Trevor says he will appeal on the grounds that the petition has not been dealt with properly.

Commodore’s Hard is used to access the river by neighbouring sailing clubs, rowers, canoeists, dinghy sailors, sea scouts and other youth organisations.

Save Queenborough Creek for maritime use, support alternative marina plan

Queenborough Creek planThe 2006 plan for Queenborough regeneration included a marina but this aspect was later dropped in favour of building houses right up to the south edge of the water. See SBC+HCA amended plan here. If you would like to support a revised, more practical plan for a marina in Queenborough Creek (click image to enlarge and download QUEENBOROUGH CREEK MARINA9a), to preserve the unique location for maritime use, please email before 15 December.

Sheerness Port Master Plan

Sheerness marinaPeel Ports are holding consultations on Sheppey for their master plan which includes a marina at Sheerness. See

Option 1 of the Plan proposes “reclaiming 125 hectares of land directly off the existing shore line of Garrison Point. Some 71 hectares of this reclaimed land will be for operational port use, whilst the remaining 54 hectares will comprise a mixed use development incorporating a marina. A heritage boulevard is also included within this proposal.

The overall consultation period for the Sheerness Port Master Plan is from 5 November – 17 December 2014. The exhibition will be held as follows:

  • Thursday 13 November 2014, 9.30am – 1.00pm – Sheppey Gateway
  • Friday 14 November 2014, 9.30am – 1.00pm – Eastchurch Village Hall
  • Friday 14 November 2014, 3.30pm – 7.30pm – Sheppey Gateway
  • Saturday 15 November, 9.30am – 1.00pm – Sheppey Gateway

Petition: Improving access to the River Medway

Please download the petition, print it, and get signatures from your club or organisation.

“We the undersigned call on Medway Council to improve access to the River Medway at the Strand in Gillingham. The condition of the slipway at the Strand, known as Commodore’s Hard, has deteriorated in recent years due to lack of maintenance. The edges of the slipway have broken away, making it increasingly difficult and dangerous to use. Until now it has been recognised as an excellent, all-tide access point and is well used by Medway Cruising Club, Medway Watersports, Rowing Clubs, Childrens Charities, Sea Scouts and individual residents. But we are in danger of completely losing this facility. The Council-owned access road leading up to Commodore’s Hard has also been neglected and is full of potholes which need attention. We urge Medway Council to help achieve its aim of “Making better use of the River Medway” by making permanent, extensive repairs to Commodore’s Hard and resurfacing the access road leading to it”

Trevor Peen hopes to submit the petition to the November council meeting. Please return the petition to Medway Watersports, Approach Road, The Strand, Gillingham, ME7 1TT

Sun Pier problem resolved

Thanks to everyone for your replies, which you can read below. Cllr Kelly Tolhurst (Vice Chair of MSBA) is working with Medway Council to ensure that officials do not make rash promises regarding use of the pier by commercial operators with large vessels. The council will be drawing up some rules to ensure that the pier will remain available for all, especially recreational boaters for whom the restoration was carried out at significant public expense.

Large pontoon for Queenborough

Queenborough Harbour Trust is purchasing a massive 60 metre long by 9 metre wide concrete pontoon, formerly used by the Gosport ferry in Portsmouth harbour. This will not only provide space for alongside moorings but will enable the trust to reposition the harbour lookout office and storage unit on the water. A fuel dock is also proposed. The pontoon will be anchored a few metres north of the existing All Tide Landing and linked to it by a bridge. The yacht club has promised that the ATL will be repaired and back in service by Easter. Discussions between the trust and the club over the long term future of the ATL are ongoing…

Please indicate your support or otherwise for the planning application by using the Reply button below or by emailing by 28 March 2014. Your feedback will be sent to the Marine Licensing Authority via the RYA.

Click here to see the consent plan