Meet the new staff at Queenborough Harbour


Queenborough Harbour Trust is pleased to introduce to your our new Harbour Operative. Chris is very excited to be taking on this role and looks forward to meeting our mooring holders and visitors in the near future.


Most of you will have already met Dawn but this year she is joining us as a full time Seasonal Harbour Operative.


One of our Seasonal Harbour Operatives, Denis owns a classic barge and has been a regular visitor to the Harbour in past years.

Queenborough Harbour closed from 15 Nov

The harbour will be closed from the evening of this THURSDAY 15th November for up to 2 weeks. The next stage of works involves removing the link span bridge from the walkway to allow the repairs to be made. The team will still be available up at the South Street office and via the normal lines of communication. We will have a trot boat up the creek to enable us to still make checks on your moorings and vessels.

Wot, no trot boat?

Message from Queenborough Harbour Team: Unfortunately there will be NO trot boat running this weekend (11+12 August) due to mechanical issues. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are trying everything in our power to rectify this.

UPDATE: The trot boat now has a new engine and is operational again.

Outboard thieves foiled at Queenborough

Recovering the stolen outboard from the Swale mud

Harbour Manager Emma Crompton tells us what happened. On the afternoon of 25 June, an alert mooring holder at Queenborough Harbour spotted three chaps in an inflatable dinghy removing an outboard from another boat. The harbour team quickly came over in the trot boat while the police were called. One of the thieves disembarked with the outboard in the mud by the coal washer, only to drop it in his struggle to get ashore. The other two went back to the slipway but when they saw the police they headed back to the coal washer area where they abandoned the dinghy. Their two vehicles contained marine equipment stolen from Devon the night before, though the three suspects, who were subequently arrested, were from Kent, though not local. The inflatable dinghy had been stolen from the tender park in March! Emma and some helpers managed to recover the outboard from the mud before the tide claimed it – see photo.

This just shows how brazen the thieves are and how important it is to be alert to suspicious activity.

Queenborough Harbour Update

Photo Geof Reed

We have been advised by Emma Crompton the Harbour Manager that this morning they have a crane (shore-side) to lift the bridge, then the walkway, so they can re-position the floats. A team has been working through the night fabricating new brackets to go on today which, if all goes to plan, will be welded into place to stop the float coming free again. They have also positioned an additional float to provide extra support to the extremely heavy bridge.

While these works are carried out the walkway is unsafe and therefore closed. If anyone URGENTLY needs to access the ATL or pontoon they should contact Emma on 07456 459754.

UPDATE: The walkway is now open again.